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Chris Castillo

July 27, 2023

ai marketing research gpt boss

Leverage AI and GPT Boss specialized employee AI personas to do lightning fast marketing research.…

Getting started with marketing a business is becoming easier and easier to do, with the help of powerful AI tools that are available to virtually anyone.

In this post, I’ll show you how you can leverage one of the best AI tools on the market, GPT Boss, to do lightning fast marketing research to kick-off your next project!

Don’t have a subscription to GPT Boss? You can use whatever AI tool you prefer, but the following article prompts work best with the specific GPT Boss AI Persona mentioned in this article.

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AI Marketing Research

GPT Boss Persona: Addison Brant (Marketing Research Expert)

Note: Always remember to create a company profile and add as much details to that profile about the company as possible. Recommended essential details are: company’s goals and/or company’s mission statement, services, value proposition, offers/promotions, calls-to-action (what do they want people to reach out to them for?), location, areas serviced, specific instructions for things to avoid doing for this client (ie; do not suggest that the company are financial advisors).

Download a Copy

Want to download a copy of these prompts, along with sample output?

Prompt 1: Act Like an Expert in this Industry

Hi Addison, I want you to act like a {B2B/B2C/eCommerce} marketing expert with years of experience helping to successfully market {SERVICE/PRODUCT Description} to {GENERAL TARGET AUDIENCE}. Please let me know if you understand the requirements.

Example 1
Hi Addison, I want you to act like a B2B marketing expert with years of experience helping to successfully market cloud telecom solutions to C-level staff and decision makers. Please let me know if you understand the requirements.

Example 2
Hi Addison, I want you to act like a B2C marketing expert with years of experience helping to successfully market Residential and Commercial Roofing Services to home owners, business owners, and large corporations and commercial establishments. Please let me know if you understand the requirements.

Prompt 2: Identify Decision Makers

With an understanding of {COMPANY NAME}‘s services and markets, propose some buyer personas that fit the demographics of users who are most likely to engage with the company by submitting a business inquiry through their website.

Example 1
With an understanding of ABC Telco‘s services and markets, propose some buyer personas that fit the demographics of users who are most likely to engage with the company by submitting a business inquiry through their website.

Example 2
With an understanding of ABC Roofing‘s services and markets, propose some buyer personas that fit the demographics of users who are most likely to engage with the company by submitting a business inquiry through their website.

Prompt 3: Goals, Desires, Fears, Motivation

This is great. Please expand on each of the personas by listing the following details for each:

  • Primary goal of visiting the company’s website
  • Primary motivations for reaching out to someone on the company’s team
  • Fears of engaging with a company like theirs
  • Desire or “dream state” that the persona wants to attain by engaging with the right partner or company

Prompt 4: Calls to Action

Considering the various personas, please suggest a set of 5 calls to action to utilize throughout the website that will maximize conversions for new leads.

Prompt 5: Content Strategy for X Page

Considering the various personas, their goals, their motivations, fears, and desires, suggest a content strategy and outline for the company’s homepage that will improve conversion rates for new leads.


Suggest a Content Outline for their {SERVICE NAME} page that takes into account the various buyer personas

Suggest a Content Outline for their new roof installations service page that takes into account the various buyer personas

Prompt 6: Generate List of Benefits

Considering the various personas, please list between 3 and 6 benefits that appeal to these personas and their goals, needs, and desires, as it pertains to engaging with an experienced team like {COMPANY NAME}‘s.

Considering the various personas, please list between 3 and 6 benefits that appeal to these personas and their goals, needs, and desires, as it pertains to engaging with an experienced roofing company like ABC Roofing.

Prompt 7: Meta Description

We need to write a meta description for this page. Consider the various personas as well as the range of services and specialties that the company offers, as well as the wide range of markets they work in. Also factor in that the primary keyword we are optimizing this page for is “{KEYWORD}“, therefore this phrase needs to be included in the description. Please suggest 3 meta descriptions that do not exceed 160 characters in length, including spaces and punctuation.

Sample Output

Below is sample output that I generated for a fictitious roofing company located in New York

Buyer personas are semi-fictional descriptions of your ideal customers based on market research and real data about your existing customers. It’s essential to have these personas as clear as possible to craft a successful marketing strategy.

Here are a few personas that might align with ABC Roofing:

  1. Homeowner Howard: Howard is a 30-50 year old homeowner living in New York. He’s married, has 1-2 children, and works a steady job. His home is his most significant investment, and he wants to keep it in top shape. He searches online for local contractors, reads reviews, and makes his decision based on reputation and pricing. He’s likely to engage via your website’s form or call for an estimate.
  2. Business Owner Beatrice: Beatrice is a 40-60 year old businesswoman owning one or more small to medium-sized commercial properties in New York. She is highly cost-conscious but also understands the value of quality work and timeliness. Beatrice prefers to communicate via email or online form submissions.
  3. Property Manager Peter: Peter is a 30-60 year-old professional responsible for maintaining a variety of commercial properties. Peter’s priority is ensuring the properties he manages are well maintained. He seeks dependable, long-term relationships with contractors. He’s comfortable using technology and will likely use the website form to initiate contact.
  4. Real Estate Developer Rachel: Rachel, aged 35-55, is involved in large scale residential or commercial property development. She’s always seeking reliable contractors for new developments. Rachel makes decisions based on quality, reliability, and capacity to handle large projects. She often uses online forms to request quotes or further information.
  5. Contractor Charlie: Charlie is a 25-55 general contractor who regularly requires roofing services for his projects. He’s tech-savvy and will likely engage with your company through the website.

Remember, these personas are starting points and should be refined using real data and feedback from your customers.

Let’s expand on each of the personas you’re targeting:

  1. Homeowner Howard
    : Wants to find a reliable roofing contractor for routine maintenance or significant repairs
    Motivation: Ensuring his home, his largest investment, is adequately protected
    Fears: Concerned about the cost, quality of work, potential damage, or contractors not fulfilling their promises
    Desire: Peace of mind knowing that his roof is in excellent condition and his family and property are safe
  2. Business Owner Beatrice
    : Looking to hire a trustworthy roofing contractor to maintain her commercial properties
    Motivation: Wants a high-quality service that ensures the longevity of her commercial roofs, thus maintaining the value of her properties
    Fears: Fear of disruption to her businesses during roof repairs, hidden costs and poor communication
    Desire: To have a worry-free, cost-effective, and professional long-term roofing partner
  3. Property Manager Peter
    : Finds reliable, long-term roofing partners for his multiple properties’ maintenance and repair needs
    Motivation: To keep the properties he manages in top shape, reducing headaches and ensuring tenant satisfaction
    Fears: Contractors not being able to deliver on promises, leading to unsatisfied tenants and property owners
    Desire: A go-to professional roofing company that can handle all properties efficiently and effectively
  4. Real Estate Developer Rachel
    : Seeking professional, reliable contractors for her new development projects
    Motivation: To find a roofing company that can deliver large projects on time and within budget
    Fears: Delays, cost overruns, or less-than-stellar workmanship impacting her projects
    Desire: A dependable roofing company she can trust, enhancing her projects’ reputation and ensuring her projects are finished on time
  5. Contractor Charlie
    : To find a specialized roofing service provider for his construction projects
    Motivation: Ensuring the houses he builds are high quality and meet his clients’ expectations
    Fears: The roofing company not delivering on time, causing project delays, or delivering substandard work
    Desire: A dependable roofing service provider who can deliver quality and timely services, contributing to the success of his building projects

These details should guide your marketing and sales strategy. They’ll also help you craft a more personalized message that speaks directly to these individuals’ needs and concerns.

Leveraging compelling calls to action (CTAs) can be a game-changer for driving conversions. Here are five suggestions, each with a different key aim and audience in mind:

  1. Free Roofing Inspection CTA: “Schedule Your Free Roof Inspection Now!” This CTA can be for any property owners, especially Homeowner Howard and Property Manager Peter, who may have concerns about their roof’s current condition. The word ‘free’ often motivates people to take the first step.
  2. Project Gallery CTA: “View Our Project Gallery” It’s not a direct conversion CTA, but it provides social proof and can push potential clients like Real Estate Developer Rachel, and Contractor Charlie, to see the quality of your work.
  3. Request A Quote CTA: “Get a Customized Quote Now!” This CTA can be for anyone ready to start a roofing project, appealing to those who want to understand the cost implications like Business Owner Beatrice.
  4. Contact Us CTA: “Speak to Our Roofing Experts Today!” This can target visitors who have questions or need further information before making a decision. It gives them direct access to your team for any further queries.
  5. Download a Guide CTA: “Download Our Free Guide: ‘Maintaining Your Commercial Roof'” Offering useful, free information can help you gather contact information for potential leads and establish trust. This CTA is particularly beneficial for information-seeking personas like Property Manager Peter.

Remember, it’s crucial to test and measure responses to these CTAs to see what resonates best with your audience. That way, you can tweak and optimize for better results over time.

A well-planned content strategy can significantly improve conversion rates. Here’s a content layout for your homepage, keeping in mind the personas, their goals, motivations, fears, and desires.

1. Headline: At the top of the homepage should be a clear, engaging headline that instantly communicates what ABC Roofing does. Something like, “Providing Quality Residential and Commercial Roofing Solutions Across New York.”

2. Subheadline: A powerful subheadline can drill down a bit further into what services are offered or what makes your company unique. Example: “From emergency repairs to new installations, we’re your trusted roofing partner.”

3. Hero Image: A high-quality image or slider that showcases your team in action, displaying a finished roofing project, or perhaps a before-and-after scenario.

4. Value Propositions: Three to four brief points that highlight the key benefits of choosing ABC Roofing, such as quality guarantee, free estimates, wide range of services, and excellent customer service.

5. Services Overview: A brief introduction to your main services with relevant CTAs. For example, for ’emergency roof repair,’ the CTA could be ‘Get immediate help.’ This section can be expanded on a separate page for each service.

6. Testimonials/Reviews: Displaying testimonials from satisfied clients provides social proof. This is a great way to alleviate fears, as it shows that other customers were satisfied with ABC Roofing’s services.

7. Project Highlights: This could include images from recent jobs, case studies, or project overviews. This can appeal to Real Estate Developer Rachel or Contractor Charlie who are looking for evidence of your capabilities.

8. Blog/News Section: Regularly updated content like blogs or news relevant to your industry can position ABC Roofing as an expert in the field and appeal to information-seeking personas like Property Manager Peter.

9. About Us: Briefly introduce your company, your team, and your mission to establish credibility and trust. This can also provide a human touch to the company.

10. Contact Section: The end of the homepage should include contact information and a form for visitors to request additional information, paired with a compelling CTA like, “Contact our experts for a free consultation!”

Each part of this layout is designed with one or more of our targeted personas in mind and drives towards converting visitors into leads. Remember, it’s essential to try different approaches, measure the results, and adjust the strategy accordingly.

Here are the key benefits that would appeal to the different personas when engaging with an experienced roofing company like ABC Roofing:

  1. Reliability and Trust: Experienced companies have a proven track record of delivering quality service. This assurance can bring peace of mind to all personas, particularly Homeowner Howard and Business Owner Beatrice, who are likely more concerned about safeguarding their investments.
  2. Excellent Customer Service: A reputable company understands the value of excellent customer service in building long-term relationships with clients. From providing clear communication & updates to addressing concerns promptly, high-quality customer service is a huge plus for Property Manager Peter and Contractor Charlie.
  3. Technical Expertise: A seasoned roofing company comes with vast technical expertise in handling different roofing systems, materials, and problems. Real Estate Developer Rachel would find this expertise invaluable for her large-scale projects.
  4. Cost-Effectiveness: Experienced roofing companies can offer cost-effective solutions by correctly diagnosing problems, offering affordable repair options, and providing long-lasting solutions that prevent future damages. Business Owner Beatrice, who is highly cost-conscious, would appreciate this benefit.
  5. Timely Completion of Projects: An experienced roofing company can efficiently manage time and resources to ensure that projects are completed on schedule. This is a crucial benefit for Real Estate Developer Rachel and Contractor Charlie who always have strict project timelines.
  6. Warranty and Maintenance Services: Many experienced roofing companies provide warranties on their work and offer periodic maintenance services to ensure the longevity of the roofs they install or repair. This can be particularly attractive to Property Manager Peter, who is always aiming for efficient and hassle-free property maintenance.

Meta descriptions are important for both SEO and to engage the user from the search results page. Here are 3 suggestions:

  1. “Looking for a reliable roofing company in New York? ABC Roofing offers top-quality residential and commercial services. Reach out today!”
  2. “ABC Roofing, your trusted roofing company in New York, providing exceptional residential and commercial roofing solutions for all needs.”
  3. “Need a top-tier roofing company in New York? Trust ABC Roofing for all your residential and commercial roofing requirements. Contact us now!”

What Else Can You Do With These Prompts?

The reason that these prompts work so well is because of the context that you’re building for the AI. Ask it to suggest a call-to-action, and you’ll likely get a generic suggestion. Get AI to identify major stakeholders, pain points, motivating factors, and THEN ask it for a call-to-action and you’ll get a MUCH more tailored and effective suggestion.

So what else can you do with these prompts?

Try asking Addison to suggest anything else you may need like ad copy, photo selections, promotional offers to consider, design suggestions – pretty much anything you might need. You’ll see that you get significantly better recommendations and ideas after building this type of context for a persona like Addison’s.

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